datzing is a super simple all-in-one beacon app.
Here’s how it works. 
Zing setup
Instantly create a clickable message for your datzing beacons to broadcast. Simply write your message, include a web link then assign it to ANY or ALL of your datzing beacons - it’s that easy!!! No special hardware required
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Get discovered
Boost your reach and drive more traffic by connecting users in range of your datzing beacons directly to your website, social media page or blog.
Find your audience
Our multi-category system helps you target interested users in-range of your datzing
beacons & helps you filter through your discoveries in seconds.
Use your mobile as a datzing beacon to broadcast your blog everywhere you go!
Use your bluetooth as a datzing beacon and bring your object to life. Connect to your fans 24/7.
Use your business wifi as a datzing beacon and connect to customers in range.
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Why datzing? One app for everything Register beacons, manage your messages and discover others across several categories all from one application. No special hardware required Register your existing wireless devices as datzing beacons using the .manager. That’s right! No need to buy, deploy or maintain special hardware beacons. Opt-in interest filter User friendly category controls allow you to customize your experience - discover only the content that interest you in the real world.
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