Founded in early 2011, datzing was built to empower people to leverage their existing wireless signals as proximity beacons – linking real world experiences to the web. “It’s like having your own virtual billboard.” Unlike other beacon services that rely on costly proprietary beacons, datzing’s patent pending ezbeacon technology securely leverages existing wi-fi and bluetooth signals. This transforms user’s devices into datzing beacons ready to zing. No passwords or pairing required. What’s datzing? The team

Frank Nuovo Sc.D

founder/chief executive officer

As Co - Founder and CEO of datzing, Frank Nuovo brings an exciting 25 years of product, brand and UI/UX design experience into sharp focus.  Nuovo is credited in over 150 patents in the USA alone, and his creative leadership has led to billions of products sold around the world. Nuovo began his career as Design Director for BMW/Designworks/USA. He then built and led Nokia’s first in-house global design organization as global Chief of Design. Nuovo’s unique and successful brainchild Vertu followed - where innovations pioneered design and development with use of exotic high technology materials and manufacturing processes all while launching an entirely new global luxury communications market.


With scores of global award-winning designs, and in particular under his creative direction, Nokia led the mobile industry with innovation and sales resulting in over 450 million products and a sustained global market share hovering around 38 percent. Since 2006, his Design Studio Nuovo (DSN) has been an innovation incubator for Nuovo and his longtime associates. Leading edge technology and brand projects range from Vertu phones and accessories to the Meta M1 Smart Watch, the Spaced360 speaker, and many other UI and UX programs including digital health innovation working with Samsung.





Tony Nuovo

co-founder / chief marketing officer

Gerardo Herrera

chief creative officer

Richard Ashall

chief technology officer

Bruce Greenbaum

chief of operations

Suguna Nadhavan

partner, asia | global strategy


Dr.Peter Ashall

partner, europe | global strategy

Bob Greig

interim chief financial officer

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