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“Zing” - Is a message broadcast from a beacon. “Zinging” - Is the activity of broadcasting and discovering zings. “Zings Out” - Your message(s) being broadcast from your datzing beacons. “Zings In” - Discovered messages from beacons that are not your own. “Ezbeacon” - Transformed user devices into datzing beacons ready to zing. “Live Mode” - Shows all zings in proximity and list how close they are to you. “Collections” - Are zings-in you have selected to favorite in your datzing account. “Leaderboard” - Lists the most popular zings on the network.
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  • Where can I download Datzing?

    Datzing is available on the Google Play store.  Current version is our public beta test

  • What kind of devices can be used as beacons?

    Any device with Wi-fi or Bluetooth switch on and set to discoverable can be used as a beacon. For example: Any wifi-router, mobile phone, Tablet , laptop, mobile wifi hotspot, fitness trackers like fitbit or UP24.

  • What is the range of a beacon?

    A Bluetooth Device signal range as a Datzing beacon varies between 10 to 160 feet. A typical Wifi Device as a Datzing beacon will vary between 160 between 300 feet

  • Can I own and control multiple beacons?

    Yes, you can register multiple beacons.

  • Can I shut off my beacons off?

    You have complete control within the Datzing manager section.  Instantly, create, edit or remove messages associated with your Datzing beacons out in the world.

  • Are my devices secure with Datzing?

    Yes! Datzing does not detect, discover, see, know, have access to or expose your passwords or any confidential information about you or the broadcasting device used as a Datzing Beacon. Datzing's proprietary technology accesses and uses only publicly visible digital information.

  • What kind of devices can be used as beacons?

    Any device with Wi-fi or Bluetooth switch on and set to discoverable can be used as a Datzing beacon. For example: Any wifi-router, mobile phone, tablet , laptop, mobile wifi hotspot, fitness trackers like Fitbit or UP24.

  • Do I have to buy additional beacons?

    You get 1 free beacon with each new registration which can easily be managed to broadcast any of your Zing-out broadcasts at any time.  Our operations require nominal yearly fee for all additional beacons.

  • Can I Zing anonymously?

    Its up to you to determine what information to share. We suggest setting an anonymous Username

  • What is Live mode?

    Live mode is a feature that shows all zings in proximity and lists how close they are to you.

  • Can someone else register my devices signals on Datzing?

    It is possible for someone to attempt to register your device as their beacon. However, we have a report feature that enables you to recover your signal if it is registered by another user.


    To prevent this, simply register your devices at Datzing Beacons today!


  • Can I Zing my business?

    Using Datzing, you can zing anything which is represented on a website link, provided it complies with our Terms of Service.

  • Will Datzing work on my iPhone?

    Currently Datzing is available on Android only,  we are actively preparing our IOS compatible version of Datzing.

  • Can Datzing be used while on the move?

    Yes! Wherever your beacons go, your zings follow.  There are tremendous  opportunities for mobile services and it’s a great way to share information at large and small events.

  • Tell us about “Zing Your Thing”.

    Obviously provocative and light hearted, we encourage people to Zing (Broadcast) whatever they fancy.

  • What is unique about Datzing functionality?

    Instantly turn any bluetooth or Wifi enabled device or object into Datzing beacon that shares a message to passersby.  No special hardware purchase is required

    to get started. Its is also a unique all in one solution allowing broadcasting, discovery and beacon management all in one application.

  • Can my car be used as a beacon?

    Yes, your car may already emit a signal if it is Bluetooth or Wi-Fi capable. It will have periods of visibility which can be used as one of your own Datzing beacons. If your car's Bluetooth or Wi-fi can be set to "always visible" then it will be a Datzing beacon as long as it is in fact visible.

  • Can old phones be used as beacons? Do they need to have service?

    One great advantage of the Datzing platform is it's ability to discover

    old phones which have Bluetooth switched on and set to visible or discoverable. Those old phones do not need any phone service to be

    used as Datzing beacons

  • How does Datzing deal with inappropriate content?

    We will respond to reported Zings and/or content that does not comply with our Terms of Service or when clearly/legally inappropriate or offensive materials are linked.

  • Can I Zing my social media account?

    You can Zing any web link you desire including your Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter or Tumblr page - you are in control!

  • Do I need cellular service to discover Zings around me?

    Datzing's "live mode" requires either Wifi Connection or cellular data service to discover in Datzing live mode and always to follow a Zing to a website.

  • When does Datzing require Cellular Service?

    Datzing’s “live mode” requires service and cellular data is required to follow a zing to a website.

  • Can I discover Zings indoors?

    Yes, you can discover Zings indoors. GPS is not required to Zing - In or Zing-Out. You can detect and discover anywhere within the range of the Zing-Out, (Datzing Beacon device). Your device must be powered on and the application must also be activated. To Discover Zings in Live mode requires either Wifi or cellular data service.

  • Can others Datzing users see where I am?

    Other Datzing users can only Discover your Zing if they are in physical proximity of your beacon. Datzing is not a search or tracking tool.

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