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Former Nokia and Vertu Design Chief Nuovo to Launch Datzing - Transformational Technology for Micro-Location Service and He Invites You to “Zing Your Thing”



(Dateline) January 20th 2014, Los Angeles California,



World leading mobile innovator and designer Frank Nuovo, today announced Datzing, a unique and liberating micro-location and discovery application and service. Datzing is an application which transforms existing user devices, including your smartphone, into active “beacons” ready to connect at will to the world of people, places and things within its proximity.  This new micro-location solution

is unveiled today and soon Datzing will invite people to “Zing Your Thing”.


Datzing CEO Frank Nuovo stated, “This is the official introduction of our new company, brand application and micro location service. After almost three years of research, design and internal testing, we are preparing for the public beta testing of a disruptive, new and exciting social approach, one that delivers a powerful tool to people everywhere that unlocks the potential of connections already surrounding them. Datzing liberates the means to discover, share, promote and sell essentially anything you can represent on the web.”


Datzing’s core functionality is most simply described as a wireless version of the common QR code. Datzing discovers and logs Datzing registered beacons passively, or hands off even when your phone is in your pocket, briefcase or purse. This frees you to only take action whenever it is convenient. After discovery, or “Zing In”, you can either collect, delete or choose to be taken directly to the website associated with the discovered “Zing”.  Additionally, features like notifications and leaderboard stats will help you track your

Zing activity relative to others.


The Datzing experience provides a free beacon or “Zing out” service via a quick download of our application and easy registration of your existing Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Device. Your existing devices serve as your exclusive personal beacons. Nuovo adds, “Our unique patent pending technology does not require purchase or distribution of any new devices. This approach allows the Datzing network of subscribers to grow quickly by instantly leveraging literally billions of old and new devices they already own. Importantly, even older mobiles, which are broadcasting unique Wi-Fi and Bluetooth identifiers, are detected as beacons even without cellular service”.


Datzing does not see or require any passwords to detect and Datzing does not actually connect with any signaling or beaconing devices. Datzing technology simply detects, recognizes and logs the registered beacon within “Zing-Range”. This allows subscribers to use the signals from their devices as a beacon for an instant link, or “Zing” to information.


“Zings” can only be discovered within the Zing-Range of the broadcasting device, so this is not a search or tracking tool.


A world of fun and excitement opens up with almost endless connection possibilities - where individuals can Zing each other, or businesses Zing-out to individuals, and vice versa. From sharing their passions or their collections, to promoting, entertaining and selling whatever they wish via the web, Datzing puts the benefit and enjoyment of ownership, and the control of their signals securely in the hands of the subscriber. Importantly, the Datzing subscriber’s identity can be public or private and the subscriber is in total control. With Datzing you can easily and quickly update, change or cancel your broadcast via the Datzing Application Manager in your smartphone. Currently, similar technologies are run almost exclusively by large corporations – Datzing aim to spread the opportunity to any individual – all you need is an Android phone and the Datzing application.


The Datzing application and service will be available in the second quarter for Android devices.


Co-founded by Frank Nuovo and Tony Nuovo, Datzing is based in Los Angeles, California. Datzing was created to empower users to leverage their existing wireless signals as proximity beacons - linking real world experiences to the web.




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